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Collaboration starts in our minds!


TreeTumbo allows our members, who are potentially new customers of yours, to put their ideas for their next trip, tour, activity, event etc., in a TumboTask. A TumboTask works in a similar way to an enquiry from a guest which you’d usually receive via email, social media or telephonically etc. The difference is that the guest doesn’t have to click through thousands of websites to eventually find you. And you don’t have to pay up to 30% of your normal rate to a third party, just to be seen! Instead, as a Partner you can look for TumboTasks which specifically suit your offering, or you can choose to receive automatic notifications whenever a member is looking for something within your realm of expertise. You can submit as many quotes as you like, tailoring your offering to the specific needs of the member as you see fit. If you’ve made the best (not necessarily the cheapest!) offer, you’ll be chosen as the winner by the member.  

You finalise all details of the TumboTask directly with the member. Payment is processed directly to you, the Partner. All members have the option of using their TreeTumbo Wallet for payment of TumboTasks. A quick transfer without fees! No commission or fees are calculated or charged by Your Travel Center. We’re sure that you as a Partner value these advantages and will therefore include an appropriate discount for our members. Discover how TreeTumbo works for our members.

We created our Partner Directory for Members who know exactly what they’re looking for. We’re convinced that direct contact between the provider and the customer should go without saying. Access to the Partner Directory is exclusively for active members of Your Travel Center. They contact you directly and book with you directly. You can have up to 10 “fee-free” Directory Listings in Your Travel Center. We’re sure that you as a partner value the advantages of direct bookings and will therefore include an appropriate discount for our members in the directory.


Because nothing works without networking, we’ve created the Affiliate Programme for Members and Partners. The more Members and Partners who are part of our network, the more advantages everyone has. As a Partner, you qualify to become part of the Affiliate Programme. You will be playing an active role in a globally growing network whilst generating additional income. Recommend Your Travel Center to your family, friends and guests, or recommend a new Partner and receive 20% of the value of every paid membership signed through you.





 Partner Benefits

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