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Since 2005, we rented out holiday accommodation and cars and arranged tours in Germany and then later, in South Africa as well. At the same time, as an ICT & Business Consultancy, we were closely following the development of booking engines and online travel marketing. As service providers in the industry, we always paid higher commissions to get any bookings secured. This development, especially in lieu of the travel businesses, led us to think about alternatives for the industry. We wanted to avoid the high commissions of up to 30% for both the guests and the service providers and to reinstate direct contact with the guests.

The question of how one avoids commission charges of up to 30% may seem simple, but is actually very complex.

It became clear after months of intensive research, that there are only two large conglomerates which rule over 90% of the travel industry. This means that whomever thinks that searching for hours and hours for a better deal may result in finding a better offer, should know beforehand which of the approximately 200 booking sites belong to which of the global players.

We also realised that most of the booking systems used by the hotels, guesthouses etc. have a channel manager. The channel manager delivers the room or tour price automatically into the booking portals. Usually, only one price is determined and then delivered to every single portal. Only very few providers have different prices per portal. As a guest, you can therefore surf from one booking site to another and will always find the same price.

Our Story short...


Co-Founder & Managing Director

There is only one way to save time wasted with senseless searching for the best price. Contact the service provider directly and ask for their price for a direct booking. Most establishments will give you a discount if you do this. They save on the commission cost and get to build a direct relationship with you as a guest. What could be better? Unfortunately, searching for the direct contact details of the provider and then waiting for an offer with a discounted price can take time and delay your whole booking process.

With this in mind, we came up with a solution in 2015 to ease the entire booking process and this is what we are giving you access to on the Your Travel Center portal. Use our TreeTumbo Tool and post a TumboTask in just two minutes. You describe your travel requirements in a TumboTask and our intelligent system invites Your Travel Center partners and other providers in your desired destination, to send you their best possible offer. You choose the best offer for you and then book directly with the provider.

As a Premium Member, you can see the Direct Booking Discount offered by the providers in our Partner Directory and can then contact them and book directly.

We’re proud to introduce you to Your Travel Center. We’d like to invite you to explore our portal and to become a member of our global community and hopefully, to share your travel experiences as we enjoy our many adventures together!

The Idea was born...

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