Booking System

Our comprehensive solution for:

Small to Mid-size Hotels

Guesthouses and B&Bs

Hostels and Backpackers’ Dorms

Holiday Apartments and Rooms

Private Holiday Rentals

Property Managers

Camping Sites

Tour Guides

Tour Operators

Activity Providers

Boat, Yacht, Kayak, Caravan Rental

Commission-Free Bookings

Give your guests a fast and easy 2-click booking experience. The booking page is secure, fully customizable, and mobile-friendly.

Pay Just For What You Use / Pay-Per-Use

You can choose the services your business really needs and pay just for them. Forget overhead and fixed charges on package deals. We charge you just for the products and services you use on a month-to-month basis. No hidden fees or costs.

Online Payments

Connecting to payment gateways allows you to accept credit card or PayPal payments from guests. You can also securely collect credit card details and process in-house charges.


Fully integrated in Your Travel Center for easy direct bookings from our Members. Hundreds of integrations with premium apps and services guarantee seamless workflows.

Flexible Rate & Discount Options

Your Travel Center Book can handle the most complex rate structures.

Multiple Properties

Agency functions, multiple logins, and sub accounts allow you to manage and sell multiple properties.


Let your guests book in their own language – our system supports over 20 languages already.


Automatically send customized personal emails to guests and automate email triggers.

Yield Management

Adjust prices automatically, based on availability and time before check-in in order to maximize revenue across all booking channels.

Booking Widgets

Choose from a variety of booking widgets and availability calendars.

Promo Codes

Use promotional and discount codes to say "thank you" or attract new guests.


Upsell add-ons such as optional meal, full board, bicycle rental, parking, and more. Add compulsory charges, such as cleaning fees and other taxes.

Rules & Restrictions

Receive instant bookings and booking requests. Set minimum and maximum length of stays. Apply special rules for certain periods and seasons.

Reports & Analytics

Generate standard and customized reports and track the origin of bookings.


Calculate charges automatically and generate customized invoices.


Offer additional special prices, for example a discounted non-refundable rate.


Receive automatic notifications for every new booking.

Guest Registration

Automatically generate and print out guest registration forms.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop to speed up your booking workflow.

Guest Management

Store your guest information in one place and access it quickly anytime.



Manage your cleaning and housekeeping easily.

Room Management

Front-desk management functions include room assignment and management.


Automatically collect reviews from TripAdvisor.

Customization Options

Customize the look of your online booking forms, emails, invoices, and settings.


Cloud-Based Access

Access anywhere, anytime, from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. No need to install software or run updates.


The SSL encryption transmits all data safely. Regular backups of your data.

Private Label

The paid private label option allows you to host your booking page on your own subdomain.

Mobile Friendly

The booking and admin form is fully responsive and automatically adapts to different screen sizes. It ensures a perfect booking experience for your guests and provides a clear management page on mobile devices.

Channel Manager

Two-way XML connections with leading OTAs. Export inventory and prices and import bookings instantly. Keep calendars up to date using the Ical sync.

Support & Services

Your Travel Center Book is designed to be a self-service system. If you need help, we will be happy to assist you. Our Basic Subscription includes two free support tickets per year. We also offer service packages for support, property and channel setup.


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Airbnb XML & iCal





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Fewo-Direkt XML & iCal



Google Hotel Ads

Holiday Guide


HomeAway XML & iCal


Hostelling International





iCal export

iCal import (3 calendar)




Stayz XML & iCal






Tripadvisor Instant Booking

TripConnect Cost per Click

Tripadvisor Holiday Rentals





Visit Scotland



Your Travel Center





Tourico Travel

Metasearch Engines

Google Hotel Ads



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Our Inspiration Became Our Story


Since 2005, the travel industry has been our sole focus. We have experience providing various services like renting out holiday accommodations and vehicles and arranging travel tours in Germany and South Africa.

At the same time, working in an ICT & Business Consultancy, we had the rare chance to follow closely the development of booking engines and online travel marketing. In our role as a travel service provider, we always chose to pay higher and higher commissions for securing our bookings. But the new trends on the market inspired us to think about the alternatives the industry was facing. Our strong business hunch led us into exploring how to avoid the high commissions that guests and service providers were being charged, but more importantly we recognized the need to reinstate direct contact with guests.

In reality, answering the seemingly simple question of how one avoids commission charges of up to 30% is very complex.

After months of intensive research, we realized that just two conglomerates ruled over 90% of the travel industry. So investing hours and searching for the best deal becomes pointless, unless you know in advance which of the roughly 200 booking sites belongs to which of the global players.

Another important finding was that most booking systems used by hotels and guesthouses rely on Channel Managers. Their job entails entering the property or tour price into the booking portals and usually the same price is provided to every single portal. And just like that, price differentiation becomes the exception rather than the rule. The result? A guest, surfing one booking site after another, surfing one booking site after another ends up finding the same price.

The Idea was born...

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For Android and iOS

There is only one way to save time and money and end that pointless search for the best price. Get in touch with the service provider and request a price for direct booking. Most establishments would give a discount if contacted directly not just because they would save on commission costs, but because they would embrace building a relationship with their guests. What could be better than that? Unfortunately, searching for the provider’s contact details and waiting for a discounted price offer takes precious time and delays your booking process.

Considering all this, in 2015 we dreamed up a solution to simplify the entire booking process. And the moment to proudly present it to you has finally come... drumroll... Your Travel Center portal! Use our TreeTumbo Tool and post a TumboTask in under two minutes. Describe your travel requirements in a TumboTask and let our intelligent system invite Your Travel Center partners and other providers for your desired destination to send you their best offers. Choose the best offer and book directly with the provider. Have a good time with your travel buddies, create the craziest itineraries, and share them with others, even before your adventure begins.

As a Premium Member, you can see the Direct Booking Discount offered by our Business Partner providers and you can contact them for a direct booking.

We are excited to service you through Your Travel Center. We invite you to explore our portal and become a member of our global travel community. We hope you will share your awesome travel experiences with us. Let’s enjoy our adventures together!

Our Story short...


Co-Founder & Managing Director