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Bucket List Challenge

TreeTumbo works for you

Your TreeTumbo bucket is challenging you to fill up your list. Get adventurous, start pinning the map, and create as much TumboTasks as you wish. Receive Partners’ quotes from around the globe and choose your winner. Just post your TumboTask and begin the adventure.

Itinerary Sketching

TreeTumbo Itinerary sketching

Enjoy quality prep time with your family and friends even before the desired journey begins. Create as many itineraries and TumboTasks as you want. Edit your itinerary and your map until you are all happy. Then post chosen itinerary TumboTasks and just relax. Get quotes, choose your winner, and book directly.

TreeTumbo brings the world closer.

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Sync Local

TreeTumbo works for you

Our intelligent TreeTumbo system is designed to dig deep and find local providers even in the most secret getaways and hidden gems around the world, which happen to match your desires. Locals know their way around and can provide the best travel experiences.

One Place

Easy Access

All TumboTask in one Place

All your TumboTasks are saved in one place. Login to Your Travel Center APP and find all the details regarding your trip or print out your whole itinerary out. Use our messaging system for contacting your Partners directly.

Where does the name TreeTumbo come from?

Welwitschia, also known as tree tumbo, is maybe the most bizarre and mysterious plant in the world. The tree tumbo lives up to 2,000 years and develops two permanent leaves, which grow continuously and reach up to 4 m in length. Over time, they split into what appears to be a mass of long and twisted multiple leaves, occupying an area of about 8 m around the plant. The leaves are broad and large, as if determined to break every possible rule of the desert and to differentiate themselves beyond any doubt from all else around. Almost everything about this desert plant is unique! It survives in a difficult habitat, it never stops growing, it gets intertwined, it continuously spreads out, and it does so on extremely low resources. Does this ring a bell?

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Our Inspiration Became Our Story


Since 2005, the travel industry has been our sole focus. We have experience providing various services like renting out holiday accommodations and vehicles and arranging travel tours in Germany and South Africa.

At the same time, working in an ICT & Business Consultancy, we had the rare chance to follow closely the development of booking engines and online travel marketing. In our role as a travel service provider, we always chose to pay higher and higher commissions for securing our bookings. But the new trends on the market inspired us to think about the alternatives the industry was facing. Our strong business hunch led us into exploring how to avoid the high commissions that guests and service providers were being charged, but more importantly we recognized the need to reinstate direct contact with guests.

In reality, answering the seemingly simple question of how one avoids commission charges of up to 30% is very complex.

After months of intensive research, we realized that just two conglomerates ruled over 90% of the travel industry. So investing hours and searching for the best deal becomes pointless, unless you know in advance which of the roughly 200 booking sites belongs to which of the global players.

Another important finding was that most booking systems used by hotels and guesthouses rely on Channel Managers. Their job entails entering the property or tour price into the booking portals and usually the same price is provided to every single portal. And just like that, price differentiation becomes the exception rather than the rule. The result? A guest, surfing one booking site after another, surfing one booking site after another ends up finding the same price.

The Idea was born...

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There is only one way to save time and money and end that pointless search for the best price. Get in touch with the service provider and request a price for direct booking. Most establishments would give a discount if contacted directly not just because they would save on commission costs, but because they would embrace building a relationship with their guests. What could be better than that? Unfortunately, searching for the provider’s contact details and waiting for a discounted price offer takes precious time and delays your booking process.

Considering all this, in 2015 we dreamed up a solution to simplify the entire booking process. And the moment to proudly present it to you has finally come... drumroll... Your Travel Center portal! Use our TreeTumbo Tool and post a TumboTask in under two minutes. Describe your travel requirements in a TumboTask and let our intelligent system invite Your Travel Center partners and other providers for your desired destination to send you their best offers. Choose the best offer and book directly with the provider. Have a good time with your travel buddies, create the craziest itineraries, and share them with others, even before your adventure begins.

As a Premium Member, you can see the Direct Booking Discount offered by our Business Partner providers and you can contact them for a direct booking.

We are excited to service you through Your Travel Center. We invite you to explore our portal and become a member of our global travel community. We hope you will share your awesome travel experiences with us. Let’s enjoy our adventures together!

Our Story short...


Co-Founder & Managing Director